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Off The Shelf Products

Business Models

Off The Shelf is the selection of our in-house formulas guaranteed to pass all product safety tests, ready to go for your product launch.

Note that this is not WHITE LABEL as all the products are still unique to you. We simply use our formulas as a baseline to ensure safety and speed up your time to market.

This model is perfect for brands and companies who have already achieved a fit in the market and simply need to expand their product line. As there is no need for safety testing this creates much shorter lead times for Off Shelf products. Though still unique to them the proven formula’s safety is perfect for our partners with lead times of 3-6 months. Established brands who have sold and need a ready-made product for expansion, this is your one-stop shop for all your beauty and cosmetic product needs.

Bespoke Products

Business Models

The Bespoke model just means we create your very own beauty products, and craft the formula through innovation rather than a predetermined template. 

Not only will you get our full one stop-service; consulting, market research and trend analysis, but our team of dedicated cosmetic scientist will create a formula you can be proud of with ingredients you can respect.

We source only the richest and safest ingredients and create your product and its packaging for you. All the while we will advise, and share innovation and potential within the market. With our expertise we navigate the ins and outs of safe and legal formulation as well as give you a full breadth of the market demands, and forbidden ingredients to avoid. It may take more than one year to develop as formulation effectiveness depends on the active ingredients. Long lead times are a must, so runway options and market capitalization is a must.